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Our Policies


 Shipping Policy:

HMezsofa will bear all shipping costs to Singapore.

Transport Policy:

HMezsofa will bear all delivery costs within Singapore.

For Feature Wall products only, all of Singapore & Malaysia.

Refund Policy:

HMezsofa offer to refund of up to 100% within 100 days of your purchase. For full details on our refund policy please click here.

Warehouse Policy:

HMezsofa will let you hold your order until your place is ready for up to 180days for free. Subsequently, its at 3% of order amount per 30days or part thereof.

Delivery Policy:

HMezsofa delivery man will carry your product up the staircase for non-lift accessible area for free.

Warranty Policy:

HMezsofa will bear all costs and pay for your repairs if its due to manufacturer defects.

Insurance Policy:

HMezsofa insure that if your product is not in perfect condition when we delivered it to you, we guarantee to bring it back and deliver a brand new one to you in perfect condition. Check out more on our refund policy.

Contact us for more information on our services here.