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HMezsofa Love Their Customers

Terms & Conditions: 

  • All products must be above the price of 100SGD to be entitled to any type of refund.
  • Products below the price of 100SGD are not entitled to any type of refund.
  • Approved refunds or compensations or exchanges for any reasons may take up to 3-6weeks or more for effect to take place. If there is in-stock, we will be able to do the exchange within a few days.
  • Refunds are not applicable for products that have been abused, misused, altered, accidentally scratched or cut, normal wear and tear.
  • Products have to be in their original packaging, unassembled, unused, undamaged and within 7days.
  • Customer(s) is/are responsible for the measurements of the items purchased by referring to our website’s product page and/or checking with our staff(s).
  • Measurements according to our website are subjected to up to 1-5cm difference due to manufacturer error and HMezsofa is not responsible for it.
  • Product images are strictly for illustration purposes only. Actual product may look different due to lighting, quality of camera, etc.
  • All deposits of any amount received upon confirmation of customised order is strictly non-refundable due to any reasons after 48hours.
  • For change or cancellation of order after confirmation, within 24hours from payment time, it is free. 
  • For change or cancellation of order after confirmation, 24-48 hours from payment time, there will be a 5% restocking fee. 
  • For change of order after confirmation, 48 hours or more from payment time, there will be a 10% restocking fee.  
  • For cancellation of order after confirmation, 48 hours or more from payment time, there will be a 30% restocking fee. 
  • Our warranties and refund policies ends immediately when you or you've engaged other people to do any sorts of repair works on our products.
  • Charges may incur during your refund / exchange for some products due to a higher difficulty.
  • Once the item leaves our warehouse and is on the way to you, any changes to the order will incur an additional delivery charge on you.
  • After installations of TV Mounting products, any defects causing items/parts to be non-functional detected immediately will be covered by HMezsofa. After our installers / delivery personnel left, there will be additional charges for product, labour & transport for additional trip(s) back.
  • Products that require complex installations such as the TV Mounting collections will be strictly non-refundable.
  • TV dismounting/installation + Basic set up of devices is $45 payable to the installation team. (TV Bracket is not included, please check with our staff our tv bracket selling price)
  • Relocation of electrical points if can be done, please pay directly to our installers on-site during installation day. (Within 2metres, $40 for powerpoint, $60 for datapoint, $80 for ONT if can be done, else please call your telco to do.
  • If full payment is not made at least 1 week before the agreed delivery date, HMEZSOFA reserves all rights to cancel the order with no refunds or postpone the delivery date(subjected to availability) until full payment has been made.
  • For change of delivery date or wrong delivery address provided, please inform us to reschedule via email at hmezsofa@gmail.com (subject to availability). We advise customers to check and make arrangements in advance prior to the given delivery slot. For wasted trip, the delivery team will collect a minimum $60 or no more than $200 depending on the amount of goods, it is to be paid to them before booking the next slot. The amount is to be decided by the delivery team and subjected to HMEZSOFA’s approval.
  • Dismantle / disposal are chargeable based on the material, weight, size and work amount. Please check the quote with our staff and pay directly to our installers on-site during installation day.
  • On delivery, customer or 3rd party (who is appointed by the customer) shall inspect the item(s) and the surroundings carefully before our delivery team leaves the premise. Any damages detected must be reported immediately to the delivery team. After the delivery team leave the premises, it will be treated that conditions of goods and surroundings are within acceptance level of the customers. At our sole discretion, HMEZSOFA reserves all rights to reject any discrepancies reported after the delivery team leave the premise. However so, we may still be able to rectify it for you at some fees. Please check with our customer service team via email at support@hmezsofa.sg
  • Wrong and/or lack of information(s) provided to HMezsofa resulting in additional on-site work to be done in order to complete delivery / installations will incur additional charges of equal or not more than 100% of the selling price.
  • Promotion products and items that have been given additional discount requested by buyer are not covered by any warranty/repairs/fixes. Charges will incur for repairs/fixes/exchanges not inclusive of transport due to any reasons including manufacture defects. Only if the defects causes product to not be able to function properly, HMezsofa will hold responsible for it.
  • Approved repairs/fixes/exchanges that is either covered or non-covered by warranty will be subjected to HMezsofa availability.
  • HMezsofa reserves all rights to reject or approve any refund or exchange request in our full discretion.
  • HMezsofa will be the final decision maker on the % / amount of refund / compensation within the number of days stated.
  • For any feedbacks or enquiries, please email to us at support@hmezsofa.sg

100 Days full amount refund policy and after delivery no questions asked refund policy

Customers Protection Policy

For manufacturer defects causing items to be completely non-useable within 100days, you may choose either one of the following:
  1. HMezsofa to refund back the FULL amount.
  2. HMezsofa will offer a brand new 1:1 exchange of the same or different product of your choice.
  • If it is a cheaper product, we will refund back the difference.
  • If it is a more expensive product, you will have to top up.
  • If you chose (2), we would like to compensate by giving you a cash back of 10% of the defected product cost.
  • For (1) & (2), HMEZsofa will bear all cost for delivery.
  • Terms & Conditions applies. (refer to above)
For refunds within 100days after delivery due to any reasons:
  1. Between Day 1~30 from date of delivery, HMezsofa will buy back for 30% of the paid price.
  2. Between Day 31~60 from date of delivery, HMezsofa will buy back for 20% of the paid price.
  3. Between Day 61~100 from date of delivery, HMezsofa will buy back for 10% of the paid price.
  • For (1), (2) & (3), HMezsofa will bear all cost for delivery.
  • Terms & Conditions applies. (refer to above)