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Ibrahim Yahya 

Fully recommended.
Staff are very polite and with impressive work.
Thank you Muru
Commented on Mar 1, 2021



Hanim Hamzah


Highly recommended. Very impressed with the workmanship and design, thanks to Muru for the great job.

Commented on Feb 23, 2021



HanHua Chua



Went to their showroom located somewhere in Kranji and was greeted by a very patient lady who help us through our selection of suitable feature wall. Then we made our orders through whatsapp and I assumed it's the manager, answered all my payment queries as well. On the installation date, there were 2 guys, Muru and Amaran who displayed excellent teamwork and perfect positioning of the feature exactly where we want it. Mr Muru even offered to help us with our internet OpenNet and Router and gave suggestions on where to place it. Over all a nice experience. Thank you HMZSofa team!

Commented on Feb 23, 2021




RY Navarro


Good workmanship ✅
Good customer service ✅
Value for money 💰


Commented on Jan 28, 2021



Lina Linaa


1st Purchased.
Recommended! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Very reliable and professional workmanship. Fast response to all our enquiries. Thank you HMEZSofa 👍👍
Satisfied customer ✅✅
Excellent services ✅✅
2nd Puchased, installed 24 Feb 2021.
As metion above, recommended and professional workmanship 👍👍. Fast & efficient service. Thank you 😊.

Commented on Jan 27, 2021



Nura Hirosaki



Check This Out!!

✓✓✓✓ ✓ Excellent Service!
✓✓✓✓✓ Satisfied Customer!
Muru and his team really did it with lots of dedication when it comes to install my Feature Wall. A lot of explanations and tips given. They also accommodate & really really patience to how and where I wanna place it especially for a person like me who is very particular on things like this.
Well done, HMEZsofa and Team!!
If any of you looking for other items such as Coffee Table, Dining Table and many more...
You know the drill.
You know who to go to!
ps: Sorry for the incomplete pic. Here's a sneak preview!

Commented on Jan 5, 2021




Melvin Dee


We are very happy with the workmanship and professionalism of Hmezsofa. They are very careful and patient. I would like to thank you for a job well done. Giving my two thumbs-up! 👍👍

Commented on Nov 8, 2020




Roslyn Guzman-Sy


✔️excellent customer service
✔️ value for money
Highly recommended. We love our living room’s new look.

Commented on Oct 19, 2020


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